Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs 5/5 (7)

Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs
Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs every married woman want husband to leave the other woman, today we are providing you a dua to keep husband faithful. This is a Quranic dua that use to stop illegal relationship.

In Hyderabad, there was a very famous gym. Wasim used to work in the gym. He used to train the clients that come in the gym for personal training, massage, diet consulting, etc. He recently married. Mastani had her own garment business which she used to run in Hyderabad only. She was a brilliant as well as an attractive woman.

Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs
Islamic Dua Stop My Husband Having Affairs

She uses to come to wasim’s gym and used to take training from him. Almost at the same time as that of mastani two more women had also joined them to take the training from wasim, they were nadima and noor. Both were married too. Out of them, nadima was married for four years. Noor was recently married.

They were a very great friend of each other as well as with wazim. One day mastani came to the gym with almost depressed mood. Everybody soon realized that. Noor, nadima started asking her what happened but didn’t say anything.

They started working out, but she was not as enthusiastic as always. She went and sat on a bench. Wazim went to her and asked her what happened. She starts crying. Noor and nadima came. She explained that her husband is cheating on her. Everybody got the seriousness of the problem.

Nadima said I could understand. And told mastani “I had used Islamic dua stop my husband having affairs.” Mastani looked up at nadima in with wonder in her watery eyes. “Can I too use Islamic dua stop my husband having affairs?” Nadima nodded her neck as yes.

Dua For A Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Meanwhile, noor brought the tissues from her purse and used them for martini’s tears from her cheeks. Nadima sat beside mastani. Mastani asked, “How can I use dua for husband to leave the other woman?” Nadima said yes.

Nazim declared that today there wouldn’t be a workout session. And sat with them to console mastani. Nadima explained further that, one day, she came from her office early because she wasn’t feeling well. Her husband is a crypto-currency investment consultant and works from home. So she was expecting him at home. She had a key so she opened up the door by herself so that she won’t disturb her husband while working.

As soon as she entered she saw a bra in the living room on the sofa. She shocked to see what he had in front of her. It wasn’t that she was witnessing a bra for the first time, but she was shocked because it was not hers. She closed the main door and walked a few steps and saw a saree lying on the floor which, again was not hers.

She stepped towards the bedroom of her husband. The door was slightly open. She saw from the gap in the door. Her fear had come into reality. Her husband was having an affair with a neighbor woman.

She didn’t disturb them and got out of the house. And that when she had decided to use dua for husband to leave the other woman. Wazim asked, when did that happen? She said just before I took admission here in the gym.

Dua To Keep Husband Faithful

Wazim asked is it possible to use dua to keep husband faithful? Noor said yes I have heard of it. Her didi was using it. Her brother in law was not cheating on her didi, but her didi had a doubt that is why she consulted a molvi ji from her area so that if in case, there is anything wrong happening, it would stop. Noor’s brother in law was into the film industry. He was good looking and well off. Also, the industry already has a bad reputation regarding affairs, infidelity, etc. So noor’s didi wanted to be safe.

And noor further added, they never heard or got to know about an affair her brother in law had ever. Her didi is very religious. She has full faith in God. And since she started using this dua to keep her husband faithful, she started feeling relaxed. She doesn’t worry anymore.

It was new information for wazim as well as mastani. Nadima mischievously said to wazim that if your wife sees with all of the use women with you every day, even she too might go to some molvi ji and start chanting Dua To Keep Husband Faithful to her. Everybody laughed. Mastani laughed too.

Everybody felt good that mastani at least smiled. But she was still depressed with a big question mark on her face. She said when she asked her husband about it then he told mastani is not attractive enough so he has to do it and he has no remorse. And it is just a physical relationship, and he loves mastani.

Quranic Dua To Stop Illegal Relationship

That was very disheartening to learn for all her friends and once again mastani started crying. Wazim tried consoling her. He confirmed that she should not feel any inferiority complex or guilty about the negative comments of her husband about her looks. He said, you are working out furiously, and it will give you results and even now she is lovely. And that, when she smiles she looks more beautiful.

But mastani was still crying. That statement was good, but it didn’t have much effect on mastani. Then, it was not the self-esteem boost that mattered to mastanai but something to deal with the behavior of her husband. Her husband still loved her, but his relationship with another woman was creating a lot of jealousy in her.

Nadima asked mastani not to cry because she can help us quranic dua to stop illegal relationship of her husband. She also further added that that dua also would help to change her husband’s perspective. Manstani needs to consult to a pleasant and knowledgeable molvi ji who specializes in such matters.

If she accepts quranic dua to stop the illegal relationship, her husband would find her attractive once again and also would develop guilt for his deeds, which would further prevent him from making such a mistake still. Mastani started feeling hopes from Nadima’s talk.

She looked up. Now everybody could see some determination on her face. She said she has full faith in Allah, and she knows through this dua, Allah would help her in such a bad situation. And everybody cheered her.

Dua For Wife To Love Her Husband

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