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Wazifa To Break Relationship
Wazifa To Break Relationship

Wazifa To Break Relationship

Wazifa To Break Relationship or to break haram relationship can be use to stop illegal relationship. We will also provide you dua to break unlawful relationship of husband.

Which Wazifa Use To Break Relationship?

Breaking any relationship is the most challenging task. But it is necessary to do it. Many times you are in the situation. When your loved one goes away from you, and then it is difficult to bring him back in your life. In such a scenario, there is only one solution.

Wazifa To Break Relationship
Wazifa To Break Relationship

You should break the relationship of your partner with the other person. Even Allaha forbid such relationships, and these relationships are against the values of the Quran. Adulterous relationships are unethical and not conducive to our society.

Reasons When Someone Wants To Break A Relationship

  1. It is an illicit or adulterous relationship.
  2. Individual mentally and emotionally suffers from the illicit relationship.
  3. Your husband loses interest in you, because of the other woman in his life.
  4. Your family member is in a relationship with the wrong person.
  5. Abusive relationship with your partner.
  6. The illicit relationship of your husband mentally torments you.

To break your husband relationship is not an easy task. You cannot easily convince your husband to break his relationship with another woman when you force your husband to break his relationship.

He may take it negatively. And your relationship with him could deteriorate. Then he can go away from your life. We can help you to come out of such kind of situation.

Break  Relationship By Using  Wazifa

Wazifa is a powerful tool to break one’s illicit relationship. Wazifa is the phrases or verses which we can use as a remedy against evil practices. These are the words of Allah for the protection and well being of people.

Which Wazifa Use To Break Haram Relationship?

Wazifa To Break Haram Relationship, We help you to guide and bring your loved one back in your life. You can take him to the right path, under the patronage of Allah by using wazifa. Wazifa is a group of words one should recite to break the haram relationship.

Wazifa to break haram relationship, Haram relationship is a common problem among the people these days.

There are various reasons for the haram relationship between different couples such as-

  1. Lack of understanding
  2. Incompatibility between two people
  3. Lack of respect and love from your partner
  4. Sudden attraction towards someone
  5. Abusive behavior of your partner

These reasons can be corrected when you break the haram relationship. You can break a haram relationship by using wazifa to break a haram relationship.

To take someone back from his already existing relationship is tough. It is the most challenging task. When someone is in a haram relationship, he is also emotionally involved with his partner. You need to break that emotional ties so that he can come out of it and think about you.

Haram relationship is a bad thing to do. We know that we are more attracted to the wrong things. Haram relationship is a bad thing to do. That’s why it is difficult to come out of it.

It is necessary to take your husband out of a haram relationship as soon as possible. If it is too late, then it is difficult to break their relationship. If you take him out of his haram relationship, only then can you correct your mistakes and get him back in your life.

Which Dua Use To Break The Unlawful Relationship of Husband?

Dua To Break The Unlawful Relationship of Husband, Nowadays, an unlawful or immoral relationship is part of many people lives. Cheating one’s partner is very common these days. It is tough for a woman to accept his husband affair. When she knows that her partner is having an affair with another woman, no woman can bear this because, in life, everyone wants a faithful partner.

Many times there is a situation when a woman cannot discuss about the unlawful relationship of her husband. It is tough for her to live with it. Because no woman wants an unfaithful husband.  Even in the Quran, it is written that it is unethical. It is a sin to have an unlawful or immoral relationship.

If you try to break such a relationship than it is not so easy. Because you cannot force your husband to break his relationship with the other woman, but this can be possible by dua.  It can be used to break the unlawful relationship of your husband.

Dua To Break Unlawful Relationship of Husband


Kholaa hu walah hu ahad-allaha husamad lamhha yahlid walah Myulad wah lamaya khollahu ho fuwaan ahad

Steps To Do Dua To Break The Unlawful Relationship of Husband

  1. Take a bath before pray.
  2. Go to a place of seclusion.
  3. Recite this dua a hundred times in front of the image of your partner.
  4. Do sajda in the end.

Make this prayer every day, and then you will soon realize how effective it is. Dua will break the unlawful relationship of your husband.

Which Wazifa Use To Stop Illegal Relationship?

Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship, Illegal relationship is the major problem among married couples. When one is not faithful towards his partner. Then the life of his partner is shattered. There are many failed marriages due to the illicit relationships. Nobody wants his partner to have an affair with someone else. Everyone wants to get rid of such situation.

Living with your partner by knowing about his illicit relationship is not possible.  Because, if you are faithful towards your partner. You cannot expect your partner to do adultery.

In our holy book Quran, there is wazifa. This wazifa is used to get rid of the illicit relationship. If you recite and follow wazifa to stop illicit relationships, you will get rid of such kind of unwarranted event from your life.

Bismilah rahmat rahmani salah ullaha Muhammad salah ullaha Muhammad Wasallam walahi tabbat yada aa bin wa tab wasallam walahi

Steps To Perform Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship

  1. Firstly, confirm that your suspicion is correct and your partner is in an illegal relationship.
  2. If you are still in doubt about his faithfulness, then you should not start it.
  3. Because, if he is faithful, then wazifa will give you evil effects.
  4. Take a bath and daily before doing it.
  5. Find a serene and secluded place.
  6. Sit on a mat and open the page of the Quran where wazifa is written
  7. Recite sura al Kassar for 51 times
  8. Then perform this ritual to stop illegal relationship
  9. Recite wazifa a hundred times in front of a photograph of your partner.

Do it for twenty-one days, and then you will get the desired result.

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