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Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You
Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You or to make your husband obey you can be use to make child obey parents. You can use wazifa for husband to obey wife forever.

In today’s’ world, there are many problems that surround you. One of the biggest challenges may be disobedience. You might face difficulties in your life this problem. If you are a married woman, you might be facing problems in your life because your husband does not obey you. Perhaps, you ask him to do something or request him for something, but he might refuse you every time.

Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You
Wazifa To Make Someone Obey You

This may eventually give rise to many other significant problems. On the other hand, it also might be the case that you might be facing issues regarding your child’s disobedience. If your children do not obey you, then you might face trouble grooming them. It is essential for every child to obey their parents to proceed in life and becoming successful.

So, today’s are one of those who are suffering from these kinds of problems, the challenges at the right place as we provide Effective Wazifa to make somethisoblemThere is a beneficial and 100% working Islamic solution for this kind of problems. Here we offer full-proof Islamic solutions with effective wazifas.

These are some tried and tested solutions that have worked for many people suffering from the same issues. Once you try these Islamic wazifas, you will surely be rescued from all your problems within a matter of blinks. We are expert in providing Effective Wazifa to make someone obey you, to solve such family problems or issues.

Wazifa To Make Your Husband Obey You

Wazifa To Make Your Husband Obey You, It is the dream of every wife to get love and affection from her husband. Every woman wants her husband to obey them and follow their sayings. If you are not one of those lucky few women, then, here we have an excellent solution for you.

Here we have mentioned an effective wazifas to make your husband obey you which you can practice accordingly to make your dream come.

With the help of this wazifa, you can make your husband fall for you and make him abide by whatever you say. Once you start practicing these wazifas, your life will turn upside down, and you will be amazed by the results.

The mantra that you should recite for this purpose is:

“AllahummahSalliieAlle Muhammad WA Alle Ali”

Now, we will tell you how to practice this chant.

The process is as follows:

  1. You should begin it on a Thursday, preferably in the evening, around 7 pm or after.
  2. You need to chant the above mantra 100 times.
  3. The next and the most step is that you need to chant DuroodShareef precisely seven times after you recite the dua.
  4. Then you need to practice the above same process for consecutive seven days.

Till the end of the week, you will get to see amazing results and your husband will start obeying and respecting you. You will see noticeable change in his behavior by this wazifa to make your husband obey you.

Also, he would begin to seek your advice for some of his works. If you face any trouble while performing the above wazifa, you can always consult our able astrologers who are still available to help you.

Wazifa To Make Child Obey Parents

Wazifa To Make Child Obey Parents, This is a common problem often faced by the parents of today. These days, it has become a difficult task for the parents to control their children.

Children of these days are not always listening to their parents and often disrespect them. If you are also one such sufferer, then here we have the right Islamic solution for you. We have discussed the step-by-step procedure to perform the wazifa to make child obey parents.

The dua that you need to chant is:

“SallaLLaHU ‘alaa Muhammad SallaLLaHUalayheWasaallaamm.”

You will need to perform the above supplication in the following manner:

  1. You start this chanting this wazifa to make a child obey parents, from any day of the week. We recommend, the sooner, the better.
  2. Your heart should be free from any evil thoughts while performing this.
  3. Then, Chant holy surah Yusuf, before reading the supplication.
  4. Now, make wishes for a child to obey you.
  5. Then read the spell with strong intention and emotion followed by blowing some air to a pot filled with water.
  6. Then you make your child drink the water and also don’t forget to sprinkle some on him.
  7. You need to follow this process for 41 days and without skipping a day at any cost.

After the completion of that time, your child will come to the right path.

Wazifa For Husband To Obey Wife Forever

Wazifa For Husband To Obey Wife Forever, This is a widespread problem suffered by every woman out there. They often do not get enough respect from them can care from their husbands and are often upset regarding this.

By this powerful Wazifa for husband to obey wife forever, you can make your husband love and also have control over him.

The dua that you should chant is:

Allahummaa Sallie Alle Muhamad WA Ale Aali

MuhammadinKamaa Salaita Alle Ibrahim Waa Ale

Ali Ibrahim InakahHumdum Majid. Allahumma

Bareek Ala MuhammadeenWaAlla Ali

Muhammadeen Kama Baraktah Ala Ibrahim

Wa Ala Aali Ibrahim Ina akkaHamiidumm Majid.

The procedure that you need to follow for this Wazifa for a husband to obey wife forever is that:

  1. You can start this recitation from any day of the week.
  2. One thing that you should remember is that you should wear washed clothes.
  3. Your mind, heart, and soul should clean and pure.
  4. You should chant this dua with some strong and intensions.
  5. Read duroodshareef once before reciting this supplication for 11 times.
  6. Then you can chant the supplication.
  7. You need to practice this for nine days without a break.

If the mighty Allah is in your favor, you might be able to see some positive results from the 10th day itself. If you think you are facing problem or if you have any queries, you can contact us anytime.

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