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Dua To Protect Your Relationship
Dua To Protect Your Relationship

Dua To Protect Your Relationship

Dua To Protect Your Relationship or to save my relationship can be use for healthy relationship. You can use our dua to make relationship work. Relationships are fragile, yet strong things that are built on so many emotions. It is made by constant struggles and battling emotions and constant compromises of two people.

Dua To Protect Your Relationship
Dua To Protect Your Relationship

Its beauty is the thing that makes it fragile, so fragile that it takes only a few seconds to break it, but it takes years to build it. If you also want to protect your relationship with your partner, you should do this dua to protect your relationship. With this article’s help, I wish all my Muslim brothers and sisters all the best and give them my best wishes who are trying so hard to protect their relationship.

Important rules to do this dua are:

  •         You have to start reading it on Wednesday
  •         Read it on every Wednesday without break
  •         While praying this dua, do not wear any of your black dresses

The procedure for the dua is:

  •         First, you read Surah Fatiha for seven times
  •         Then, Durood Sharif for seven times
  •         The recite the dua given below 11 times:

Abi-in kun-tum tuh ib-boon alla-ahha fa-tta-bio Aji-tu-llah lla-hu rahem

Important: while doing dua, hold two almonds in your hand and feed both of them to your partner.

Above mentioned dua to protect your relationship is very powerful and helps people protect their relationship. Not only this, but it also makes them stronger than before. Most importantly, it helps them by building the lost trust between them. Not only has this, it removed all the clutter and bitterness and doubt from each partner’s heart.

Dua To Save My Relationship

Dua To Save My Relationship, Relationships are fragile. And as with every fragile thing, once it breaks, it is very hard to save it. Relationships are also hard to save once they start breaking. We know in our heart every relation cannot be saved or remain the same forever.

But we cannot stop ourselves from saving it. As we have put so much of ourselves to leave it without a second thought or the person with whom we are. If you also want to save your relationship, then the best remedy is to save my relationship. It has helped many, and today it will help you.

Rules for doing this dua are:

  •         You can recite this dua at any point in time
  •         You can recite it at any neat place
  •         Remember you have to clean yourself
  •         You have to wear tidy clothes
  •         Make sure to recite this with positivity in your heart, so you attract positive things in life.

The dua is to be recited for 500 times daily

Ya Ha-yyu ya qa-yyu-mmu bi-ra-hma-ti-ka as-ta-va-sim

After dua, make sure to pray to Allah as this dua connects you to him. You can recite this dua for 21 days. You will see positive results, and you do not see any positive results, then do this again for 21 days. Do not lose hope; Allah is there to help you.

Dua For A Healthy Relationship

Dua For A Healthy Relationship is good dua. Every person can perform it. There is no side effect of it. It only has positive results. You can also perform even if you think you have a good relationship with your partner because it is never bad to add extra blessings to your relationship.

You can perform this dua solely also, but If possible, your partner can also recite it. If you and your partner do it, it becomes stronger and blesses you with the best relationship. Also, because you are not the only one in the relationship. Either you can do it together. If not, then you both can do it at different times. (It is not fixed)

You can do this dua with any namaz of the day. Make sure to clean yourself before doing it and perform it in a neat place. While doing this, dua do not doubt yourself, always have positive thoughts in your heart. If you think positively, this dua helps you attract more positive energy. Keep your matrimonial relationship faithful and happy using dua for good matrimonial relationship.

To do this dua, you have to follow:

  •         Do your regular Namaz,
  •         Then, offer Surah for three times.
  •         Then recite the following dua for 100 times:

Ra-bba-na in-na ka-ja-mi au al-nna-sili-yaw-min la rak-tu-la in-na alla-ha la yu-fi fula-mee ab-dul-llah.

  •         Then again, to end recite Surah 3 times.

Pray to Allah and ask him to help you build a healthy relationship with your partner. Do this till you think your relationship has improved.

Dua To Make Relationship Work

Dua To Make Relationship Work, As time goes on, it sometimes is really hard for relationships to work. It happens during some tough periods, but we cannot neglect the damage it does to our relationship. It even makes the relationships very hard to survive. No matter what you do, even if you talk to your partner directly about it. It does not seem to work. Or do follow other advice to make it work; it never happens.

Dua, to make your relationship work is as just the name suggests. But it is not just some words. It is very useful for relationships. It helps them and mends them deeply so the partners can understand themselves fully, and both of them can come back to their regular smooth course of life.

You have to do this dua after fajar or isha prayer. While doing this, be sure to clean yourself and have worn neat clothes. While doing this, have some sweet with you, so you do not get disturbed. After doing this, ‘dua to make the relationship work’ blow on the sweet. You eat it and make sure your person eats it.

The method of this dua is given below:

  •         Recite it after fajar or isah prayer
  •         Read Durood Shareef 3 times before
  •         Read it for 101 times daily
  •         Then durood Shareef 3 times after again

You may not get results in 21 days. In such a situation, you can extend its duration. But you don’t leave it in the middle until you get the results. If you have true faith and true love in your heart, Allah will surely help you. Everyone can perform the dua mentioned in this article. If you feel that you are having problems in your relationship, then the mentioned duas are highly recommended. This will help you.

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