Dua For Marriage Proposal 5/5 (11)

Dua For Marriage Proposal
Dua For Marriage Proposal

Dua For Marriage Proposal

Dua for marriage proposal provide you arriage proposal soon and you getting good marriage proposal. Our molana given you best dua for accepting marriage proposal.

There is a small suburb area called Mumbra in the outskirts of Mumbai. Shagufta was a lovely girl residing in one of the housing societies in Mumbai. She had completed her education. Was freelancing as a social media marketing consultant.

Everything was going well. Her parents now started thinking about her marriage. They started spreading a word about it among relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbors etc.

Shagufta was neutral about the efforts and actions of her parents. She was aware that it was the right age for her to get married. She was settled in her career. There didn’t was any reason to delay or say no to the marriage now to parents. So she didn’t stop her parents from doing what they were dong.

Dua For Marriage Proposal
Dua For Marriage Proposal

Shagufta’s dad was in a senior position in a corporate firm. And he had so many high-level contacts in many MNCs and corporates. He also started uploading a picture of him with his daughter purposely on social media. Shagufta used to laugh at her dad.

Days were passing, but no marriage proposal came. Her dad was getting restless. It was almost a year since they started searching for a groom for Shagufta. Out of desperation, her dad went to a Molvi Ji. He gave him dua for a marriage proposal.

He had listened to all the situation, and condition Shagufta’s dad told him. Molvi JI also asked the date of birth of Shagufta. It was no moon night on which she was born precisely at midnight. Molvi ji said I don’t worry this dua for marriage proposal would solve everything.

Dua For Marriage Proposal Soon

Shagufta’s mom was a businesswoman. Her name was Kareena. She had a small shop of clothes and garments. Kareena got to know that her husband aabid, had gone to visit some Molvi ji. And Molvi ji gave him dua for marriage proposal soon. She too was worried about her daughter’s marriage.

She asked whether he had noted down that dua on a paper. He said yes. Kareena said, give that to me too. Me too would start chanting while sitting in the shop. He started searching for it. But he couldn’t find it. After almost 10 mins of searching, he was on the verge of declaring that he had lost it. Kareena asked him to recall, where he had kept it.

He remembered that he kept it in a pocket and never got it out of it. He asked where was his yesterday’s trousers that I wore when I went out. Kareena she had put it in laundry yesterday night itself. Shagufta was observing her parents.

That was a facepalm moment for all of them. They all looked at the wire on which that trouser was put to dry. That means it had been through the washing machine. Which leaves almost no scope for the possibility that the paper on which Aabid wrote that dua for marriage proposal soon, would be intact.

But still, hurriedly Kareen went near that trouser. Pulled the trouser down from the wire and put her hand inside its pocket. She checked almost all the pockets and found nothing.

Dua For Getting A Good Marriage Proposal

Finally, the last pocket was remaining. She felt something to her hand; she pulled it out. It was the same paper. Little bit scrambled but to all of their surprise fully intact. It was almost impossible now to find the ink on the paper as it is so that the alphabets would be readable.

Kareena further unfolded the paper. Shagufta and her dad both were looking at the article without flexing a muscle or without flicking the eyelashes. It was almost a miracle to see those alphabets as it is. Their belief on dua for getting good marriage proposal grew strong.

All decided to take it very seriously. And all three of them started chanting this dua for getting a good marriage proposal whenever and wherever possible. And finally, it worked.

A guy was living just in the neighborhood. He had a small software firm. And shagufta and her parents knew him and his family. He was almost the same age as Shagufta.

His name was Fazal. He was a smart guy and earning well. Fazal was also a black belt in taekwondo. He used to consult women on weekends in self-protection classes.

One day his dad came to Shgufta’s house. And to their surprise, they had come to ask Shagufta’s hand in marriage with their son Fazal. Shagufta blushed.

She used to like him but never thought of taking the things ahead with him. He was almost perfect for her. Her parents got happy, but they needed some time to decide. They also had to talk to Shagufta in that regard.

Dua For Accepting A Marriage Proposal

So they asked for some time so that they can revert to Fazal’s family. Fazal’s dad said okay and returned. As soon as he came back home, Fazal asked what happened. He narrated him that they want some time to think.

Fazal got a little stressed. He used to like Shagufta for months. But he never tried to do anything for it. But now as he got to know that her parents are searching for a groom for her, so he sent his dad.

Now it’s been two weeks, nobody from Shagufta’s family had reverted. Fazal’s parents had lost hopes. But farzal wasn’t ready to give up yet. He went to baba in Mumbra. He told him everything. Baba gave him dua for accepting a marriage proposal.

He said due to his dua Shagufta would accept your marriage proposal. He got happy and went home. And started chanting this dua now and then. He used to follow all traditional Islamic rules so baba said, you would quickly yield results.

Next day was a night of no moon, and baba said dua would do wonders for you this night. He was chanting dua for accepting marriage proposal furiously that night.

Next day he was getting ready to go to his office as usual. That time bell rang. He opened the door. Shagufta was standing in the doorway along with her parents who wa is holding a box of sweets in their hands and wearing a big smile on their face.

He understood what it is. He welcomed all of them. Called his parents. Everybody got happy. And finally, both got married the next month.

Dua For Parents To Accept Love Marriage

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