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Dua For Justice
Dua For Justice

Dua For Justice

Dua For Justice, Allah is the supreme justice in itself. His very idea is pure and so is his ways. We are his minute creation. We are full of faults and no matter what we tend to lose the way. Man is selfish by nature. We are easily influenced by bad ways. Shaitan finds it so easy to get on the wrong track.

And when we go on his way, we lose the sense of justice. Contemplation is good art. Just one time in your lives think of the time when you committed mistakes. Your mistakes are injustices done to others. Doing justice is not at all easy. It is only Allah the Almighty who is just and no one else. But, he has given us the power of sense.

We can differentiate right from the wrong. When we do something wrong we know what we are doing. Our selfish motives can make us do anything. If justice was so easy to be done, then half of the problems would be solved. Our actions can be an act of injustice to others. Little things that we ignore so easily. If you have taken a pin of someone without his permission. Then it is an injustice to him.

Dua For Justice
Dua For Justice

The problem is we so easily mishandle our acts and words. That we do not even realize that we have done something bad to them. And, at the same time when we become the victim of someone’s injustice. Then we want Allah to be by our side. And do justice to us. Life is a never-ending struggle. It throws challenges at us from time to time.

Dua for justice from allah in islam

There are people all around us ready to take our advantage. They use us for their selfish purpose. And to be really honest you will do the same if you were given the opportunity. The power is always unjust to the less powerful. There Allah too, who is the real power. Still, he is kind enough and not even once he fails in doing justice.

Today, brother is being unjust to the brother. We have become so blind in our selfishness that we can’t even see our relations. You are unjust but Allah is not. He will always stand with the week. No matter what. He is the first one to hear the voice of the weak. All you need to do to have some patience. And be firm on your faith in him.

His ways might take time. But in his delay also, there is your good. So, if you are the victim of someone’s injustice. Then pray to him to grant you justice. To give you what is truly yours. He is the real provider and has a strong sense of justice. He will listen to your calls soon. This is the only life we all have. We are going to be judged for our acts here only.

In patience lies your real power. And in the silence your strength. So keep your will intact, even if the times are hard. This is your little test. You will pass it soon. Allah will give you back what is really yours. You need to have faith in his ways. He has unique ways to function. When he takes away something, he will return it soon in the better form.

Dua against injustice and oppression

His idea of justice can be different from your idea of justice. What you think is right, not necessarily is. We all are accountable for our actions. So be mindful of them always. Do not do anything that will harm anyone in any way. If something wrong happens by you unknowingly, then apologize.

Be your own judge. When you keep your actions clean then no harm can be done to others. This is how one can live a just life. Just pray to Allah day and night. Pray to him for giving you a strong sense of justice. Make you live a just life. And never let extreme injustice happen to you.

We should pray to Allah for doing justice to us all the time. In case something bad happens to you. Something unjust to you, then do a genuine dua to him. He will inshallah deliver you from the unjust life. If something bad happens to you if someone has taken something which was yours. Your property was taken away by default.

You were robbed of your wealth. Your money was lost. And even your own family members have done fraud to you in some way. Then you should certainly ask Allah to do justice to you.

When the bad times come life gets difficult for no reason. Nothing seems to go right. Even if you try to seek justice, in courts, then you end up getting none. But in the court of Allah, everyone is put to justice in no time. He will not leave you stranded in the middle of the ocean. So, have faith in him with all your heart. He will deliver justice to you soon.

Dua for justice in islam

We can never have a strong sense of justice. Our actions are still going to offend someone in one way or the other.  So pray to the almighty, he will let the justice happen to you soon.

Make dua to him to get justice in all your matters. To get justice, recite the following dua which is Surah Al Araf, verse 89:

“Rabbana iftah baynana wabayna qawmina bilhaqqi wa anta khayrul fatiheen” Meaning of the dua is that Allah the Almighty, please decide between us and amongst us. with utter truth and justice. As he is the best of the decider.

We have relied on him till now. may he be granting us with justice like always. Be just to you and to others. If you know that your actions might be unjust.

Then refrain from them. If injustice happens to you, then fight against it. You need to help yourself first, before expecting help. May your trouble end soon. May timely justice deliver to you. Ameen.

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