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Dua For Unity
Dua For Unity

Dua For Unity

Dua For Unity, We have come to accept that all families are dysfunctional. That, it’s ok for us to fight, argue, and have our differences within the family. We believe that some members of the family are against us. And that we are right to fight them.

However, this was never a part of Allah’s grand design. Allah always wished peace and harmony upon us. No family would ever fight or separate if they follow Allah’s path. Unfortunately, many of us fail to understand this. We get so caught up in our agendas and conflicting ideologies that separation becomes the only way out.

If this has happened to your family, if the family members are drifting away from each other, if you want to keep them together, then you must use the dua for unity. As a patriarch of the family, the responsibility you bear is more significant than anyone else. The patriarch of the family is like the bus driver taking a bunch of kids to a picnic.

Dua For Unity
Dua For Unity

While the kids in the back may get along or fight. The bus driver has to keep his focus on the road. He can neither indulge in the fun or intervene during the fight. No matter how much he wants to do it, he bears more significant responsibility. That is to take the family safely to its destination. When you feel so helpless, remember, Allah is on your side. Use the dua for unity and let Allah bring your family close.

Dua for unity between husband and wife

Family members often fight because of security. When someone else is running the family, others are relieved. They have nothing to worry about. This relieves them from any ownership of their actions. And that freedom drives them towards personal agendas and conflicts.

Most of the times, conflict also arises when there’s a great deal of wealth inheritance in the family. People fight over property and wealth. These are all results of misguided ambitions and unchecked greed. If you want to bring these members together, you will need to use the dua for unity.

It is not possible that everyone in the family will transform. Especially, if you are the only praying for it. But if you can bring everyone to understand the need for peaceful coexistence, things could work out. You can get all members of the family to take part in the dua for unity. The act of dedicating one’s thoughts towards integration will ease some conflicts. Family members will rise above personal agendas and try to understand each other better.

Dua for family unity and love

More importantly, there will be a conscious effort from all members to resolve the conflict. People will listen more and try to see each other’s point of view. Besides this, it is essential that you introduce specific rules to the family. For instance, having the family to share one meal of the day. Preferably the evening mail.

The family that prays and eats together will develop a robust unbreakable bond. Allah also helps those who seek his help. A family stays united when each member of the family must want it. It makes sense to let the members have what they ask for. When people are content, they find no reason to fight.


The following ritual must be performed by the patriarch of the family, morning and evening for 30 days.

  • Start by doing wuzu to cleanse yourself.
  • Then read Durood-e-Shareef, 11 times.
  • Now, recite the dua for unity

wa ‘allafabaynaqulūbihim law ‘anfaqtamāfī al-‘arđijamī`āanmā ‘allaftabaynaqulūbihimwalakinnaallāha ‘allafabaynahum ‘innahu `azīzunĥakīmun

  • Finally, again, read Durood-e-Shareef, 11 times.
  • Then on, all family members should recite the following dua for unity twice daily –

a’oodhu bi kalimaatallaah al-taammaati min sharrimaakhalaq

  • Finally, for the post the evening prayer, the patriarch of the family must blow towards the sky and touch a meal, that entire family should share and eat together.

Nothing is more important than saving your family from falling apart. If you are witnessing a separation, then you must strive to avoid it. Even if it means, sharing your family problems with your local Moulvi.

The religious priest is in a better position to review the issue objectively and guide you accordingly. He has a better understanding of Allah’s ways and can tell you how to use the dua for unity, conclusively.

If the situation at home is beyond repair, then opt for a stronger alternative. Consult an Islamic Astrologer and get him to provide a Taveez for all the members of the family.

The Taveez is a better alternative if you can’t get all members to pray together. The Islamic Astrologer will use an advanced approach to perform the dua for unity and anoint the Taveez. This will serve the same purpose as you and family saying the dua for unity.

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