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Wazifa To Prevent Divorce
Wazifa To Prevent Divorce

Wazifa To Prevent Divorce

Wazifa To Prevent Divorce and to stop divorce can be use to save marriage from divorce. Use our wazifa for husband wife divorce solution to remove tension from your life.

Marriage is an important and beautiful relationship between a man and a woman. It gives them the meaning of life; marriage helps them to understand, each other and will remain loyal, truthful, and faithful to each other throughout their life.

It is an old saying that marriages are done in heaven. Partner of every person is available, and every person gets his/her partner according to his/her capability.

If a man is good in his activities, deendaar and humble and honest in his deeds, he will get a good and humble wife same to him, however, if a man is bad in his acts and is doing dirty things in his life.

Wazifa To Prevent Divorce
Wazifa To Prevent Divorce

He will get the same dirty and unfaithful women in his life. If marriage is done in a pleasant environment and with little expenditures has been spent on marriage.  This marriage is the barakah marriage in the world.

You will see the husband and his wife, who has spent a small amount of money on their marriage are pleased, faithful, and trustworthy in their life. This is true from the Hadees.

Also, a marriage on which the least amount of money has been spent is very worthy and is of the marriage of barakah. This marriage is the marriage of baarakah as compared to the marriage on which a large amount of money has been spent.

Divorce is the worse reality of marriage. Everyone knows that marriage is the combining of two souls for long-life relationship. But on the other hand, divorce breaks this beautiful relationship in a matter of a few seconds.

Certain things give birth to divorce. One of the most important is illicit relationships, whether, in this matter, the husband or his wife is involved. This raises hatred between the couples, and at the end, divorce occurs.

To prevent divorce and break down the paths of separation. We have brought for you a wazifa to prevent in going through the way of divorce. Here is wazifa;

  • First of all, arrange for five times nimaz in your family.
  • Sacrifice a black goat for Allah and distribute t among the poor people.
  • Recite Surah Falaq and Surah Naas in the morning and evening for 1100 times.
  • Insha Allah, the possibilities of Divorce will be eliminated by Allah soon.

Wazifa To Stop Divorce

Wazifa To Stop Divorce, Misunderstandings are the parts of every person. But when theses misunderstanding reaches their peak in one’s married life, they ultimately end by spoiling their marriage, they break down the family and separate a couple.

What the conditions prevailed are how much disputes among the two husband and wife have, how much they fight, but they do not want to get separated at all. They want to live together.

They want to remain as sympathetic, emphatic for each other throughout life. If your marriage has reached at this point of time and now you want to stop this divorce. Do not worry at all here is wazifa to stop divorce;

  • First of all, you require ingredients, two palm date, and red thread. Any used cloth of your spouse.
  • Now spread the cloth of your spouse on the floor of your house.
  • NI ow Tie two palm date with red thread.
  • Place the dates on the cloth of your spouses.
  • Recite Duroo-e-Shareef for 11 times.
  • At last read Surah Talaq(Ayat No. 1) for 186 times.
  • Now again read Durood-e-shareef 11 times. Blow it on Palm dates. You have to blow on the same date every day.
  • On 7th day take palm dates in your right hand and make seven equal rounds over your head.
  • At last wrap, it in a cloth of your spouse and leave the roundabout.
  • Insha Allah, very soon you will see the results.

Note: – Use palm date only and start this wazifa on Wednesday.

Ladies cannot practice this wazifa during their hair.

Wazifa To Save Marriage From Divorce

Wazifa To Save Marriage From Divorce, Marriage is a beautiful bond between two persons. It does not only re-unite two people and give them the title as husband and wife but also brings together two unknown families.

It makes a new family and gives birth to new relationships. They both have to face challenges together in their lifetime. When they do not want to meet these challenges, disputes start between them. They start fighting together.

When problems get out of control, this will led to divorce after marriage, financial, social, and physical problem can begin between them.

Too many liabilities will lead to stress, frustration, and depression, and both husband and wife will not be able to deal with such financial problems. Teamwork is very important in marriage.

If both do not understand their needs and communication gap will occur. These conditions will lead to divorce. So, in these conditions, if you want to save your marriage. Then dua to save marriage from divorce is best. Here is dua;

  • First of all, wake up in the middle of the night and then go to the bathroom and take a shower and do a fresh wadu and go to a peaceful room.
  • Perform the Nafal nimaz Tahajjud and recite Alhamdullilah 33 times, Subhan Allah 33 times and Allah-hu-Akbar 34 times respectively.
  • After this recite Surah Yaseen and then make a dua to save your marriage.
  • Insha Allah, The almighty Allah will save your marriage from divorce.

Wazifa For Husband Wife Divorce Solution

Wazifa For Husband Wife Divorce Solution, Nowadays, the rate of divorce is increasing day by day. How long a marriage will go, no one knows because marriage life is full of ups and downs. Some people have an amicable relationship for many years after marriage. It looks that their married life will last forever. But as soon as, some unhappy things occur in their married life.

The disputes start in their life, and as a result, they will think of separating from each other’s presence. In the beginning, both the husband and wife love each other. But as soon as their married life grew older, misunderstanding starts prevailing in their life.

Lack of respect and each other’s ego are the most common problem that led to the separation. If issues that will lead to divorce has started in your life. Do not worry; we have brought for you the best solution to this problem. Our wazifa is so strong that it will stop the obstacle between you and your husband. Here is wazifa;

  • First of all, both the partners have to do this wazifa.
  • You have to make it possible that you husband pray two Rakat Nafal nimaz before leaving after returning home.
  • Take a bowl with a sweet dish in it and recite Surah Muzamil 41 times and blow on it and serve it to your husband before and after his daily work.
  • While your husband is at work do the following ritual;

First of all, wear new clothes, take a shower and do a fresh wadu

  • Sit at the corner of your bedroom and recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Then recite the following dua 40 times;

“ La Hawuluwalquwata Illaha Billahh”

  • Pray to Allah to bring peace and happiness in your married life. insah Allah, soon your problems will be over.

Dua For Reunion of Husband And Wife

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