Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again 5/5 (9)

Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again
Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again

Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again

Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again or love spell to bring back ex boyfriend can be use to win ex boyfriend back after breakup. We will solve your query regarding how to put a love spell on my boyfriend.

Nowadays, the trend of getting into a relationship becomes familiar, and you may see most of our young generation is in contact. Having a boyfriend is common for today’s girls; it eventually becomes part of their show-off.

Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again
Spell To Make My Boyfriend Love Me Again

But loving a person and getting into a relationship are both different things, but sometimes it becomes one if a girl loves her boyfriend. Love has become a joke in today’s world, and no one takes it seriously; everyone wants to play with it as a toy.

Here we would recommend you, do not play with the emotion of love, as it is a most sensitive, pure, simple feeling in the world, whose impact has a significant effect on anyone else whether it is a human or an animal.

But it does not mean, this feeling only has fake emotions in today’s world, there are some people out there who genuinely love their partner. Some women must go crazy over their boyfriends.

As it has said, luck does not come in every person’s fortune; some women stay unlucky in the matter of love. Because their boyfriends do not love them back or take a breakup. There are several reasons when your boyfriend stops loving you, such as:

  1. He is not interested in you
  2. Your boyfriend creates an interest in another woman.
  3. He is busy in his life and family, by which he never loves you for once
  4. He may be a bad guy who uses women for his time pass.

How To Put A Love Spell On My Boyfriend

How To Put A Love Spell On My Boyfriend, Women who feel the need for their boyfriend’s love must get sad because their boyfriend does not love them back, the way she deserves.

Here you need to shower your love on your boyfriend so that he may know the value of your love

  • How To Perform A Love Spell On Your Boyfriend?

Here we would suggest some easy steps to perform love spells on your boyfriend


  • Coin
  • Small Envelope
  • Rosemary
  • Red String
  • Red Ink Pen
  • Compass


  1. Take the envelope and write down your boyfriend name inside with the help of red ink pen
  2. Then slightly rub rosemary with the coin, to increase the power of spells.
  3. Now hold the coin in your right hand, and rosemary in your right, and recite your boyfriend name for four times.
  4. Note: when you recite your boyfriend’s name for four times you need to look at cardinal directions which are south, north, west, and east.
  5. Put the rosemary and coin inside the envelope, seal it, and roll it. Then with the red thread tie its roll, so it can’t get open.
  6. Kiss the roll of the envelope and place it at a hidden place somewhere.
  7. Now wait for a few days, and you will observe the positive changes in your boyfriend when he starts loving you.
  8. But here you need to perform these spells with your heart and faith, then only the powers of the universe will put energy and effects in your period

Love Spell To Bring Back Ex Boyfriend

Love Spell To Bring Back Ex Boyfriend, Today we have a special thing for you ladies, to bring your ex back in your life.

  • How To Perform A Love Spell To Bring Ex Boyfriend Back?

Today we recommend you a spell by which you will able to bring your ex-boyfriend back in your life with some easy steps:


  • Photo of your ex-boyfriend
  • Chalk
  • White Candle
  • Incense oil


  1. Sit at a calm and clean corner of your home, then meditate for a few minutes to relax your body, mind as well as the heart.
  2. Now anoint the candle with incense and place it on the altar and burn it facing east direction.
  3. Place your ex-boyfriend’s photo on the ground, and recite the following words for seven times:
  4. To (ex-boyfriend’s name), I become the most important person of his life,
  5. To whom he can’t live without and eat without,
  6. May the thoughts in his mind gets change for me,
  7. He will come to me, no matter how far am he or I, He will come to me, the same as he left me.
  8. May power of universe bring my (ex-boyfriend’s name) back to me, so it mote.
  9. Every time you recite this spell, draw a circle with chalk around the photo when you complete it.
  10. Now blow out the candle, and leave everything remain on its position
  11. Then next day again comes to the same place, rub the circles of chalk with your hand, and repeat the whole process.
  12. Perform this ritual for seven days.
  13. On the seventh day, before blowing the candle, burn the photograph and recite:
  14. Oh, my love, come back to me. I’m waiting for you waiting for your enjoyment. May my spell gives energy and power to the universe to bring you back in my life

Spell To Win An Ex Boyfriend Back After A Breakup

Spell To Win An Ex Boyfriend Back After A Breakup, Girls or women must go crazy when they go through the phase of break up in their life, and it becomes difficult for them to handle such heavy pressure on their hearts and mind. As they love their boyfriends madly and deeply

  • How To Bring Ex Boyfriend Back After Breaking Up?

Here are some easy steps to do.


  • Blue cloth or fabric
  • Photo of your ex-boyfriend
  • Your smiling photo
  • Teapot
  • Two white candles


  1. In every evening at 8.00 pm, relax and start preparing for a spell. Light both white candles and meditate for a few minutes to rest.
  2. Think about the good times, which you spend earlier together when you both love each other madly.
  3. Hold the photograph of your ex-boyfriend and recite the following words:
  4. Melt his heart for me, as this candle gets melt,
  5. Burn a flame in his heart and arise his feelings for me, as this candle flame is burning
  6. Take your picture and place it under your boyfriend’s description.
  7. Both of your photographs must face to each other together.
  8. Put both the pictures in the teapot and then wrap it with blue cloth or fabric.
  9. Keep all these things in a safe hidden place, so no one would able to find it.
  10. Within a few days, your ex-boyfriend will come back in your life and loves you the same way he does before.
  11. When everything done well, burry that stuff into the ground neasafely your home.

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