Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies 5/5 (12)

Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies
Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies

Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies

Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies or to win over enemy can be use for hifazat from enemy. Our expert will provide you dua to take revenge from enemy.

It is obvious to have enemies. Everyone has his/her enemy. It can be one or more, but the thing you must do is to be aware of their actions. They always look for chances to harm you. Therefore, you must seek protection from the almighty Allah.

Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies
Islamic Dua For Protection From Enemies

If you want to seek protection, you must reach out to him. And for this, we assure your success if you recite these supplications. All you issues whether it is personal or anything else, you can easily find the way to it.

Islam teaches us to spread love among others and not to make enemies. But, you have got one and so irritated with him/her, you will surely going to need this dua to bring reforms.

After performing these supplications, you can notice positive changes. If you want to consult before love eating it, our expert astrologers are always there to guide you. If you like to ask a molvi, it can help you too.  We suggest your genuine involvement and faith in what you do.

Dua To Win Over Enemy

Dua To Win Over Enemy, If you think you can in this world without any rivals, you are wrong. No matter how kind you are, you will make enemies too.

However, you may not have any idea that you have got one enemy, but it is true. Enmity is present in every person’s life. So, it is necessary to be aware of them. Unless they can harm, never know you have got bad blood.

People feel suppressed by the victory of their enemies and try to harm them in the wrong way. Not to worry as we have got your back. We believe that Allah watches over his true believer and protect him.

These are the following steps that you need to follow for the effectiveness of the dua to win over enemy:

  1. You must start the process the time you see the new moon.
  2. For the next thirty days, you must recite surah mulk.
  3. The surah Mulk consists of thirty verses.
  4. Each verse has the potential to protect you from all the evil eye of your enemies.

Moreover, we have managed to bring the most effective dua to win over enemy.

Here Is The Following Dua To Win Over The Enemy:

Allah humma ‘innanaj’ alukafeinu


min’ shuroorihim.


O Allah, we ask you to suppress them to their necks, and we look for protection against the evil.

Dua For Hifazat From Enemy

Here are the following dua for hifazat from enemy:



O the almighty Allah, protect me against them however you wish.

But, before you get started with performing the supplication, you must have to be eligible enough to do it.

For this, we have mentioned the criteria that you must have to fulfill if you want this solution work for you too.

Criteria That You Must Fulfill

We have come with some simple and easy steps that will lead you to your success:

  1. You need to be a true Muslim. And for this, you must perform five-time prayers a day regularly.
  2. If you want to perform this dua for hifazat from the enemy, you must have a valid reason for using it.
  3. If you have hatred for a person and want to make him/her experience terrible things, you should not be doing this.
  4. You must have a genuine heart. Do not think of bad things happening to a person.
  5. We highly recommend you to ask a molvi whether you are in such a situation to take such a step or not.

If you have checked the points mentioned above carefully and found yourself eligible, then you are ready to perform it.

Steps To Perform The Dua For Hifazat From Enemy

  1. First of all, you have to be clean for this. Therefore, you must take a bath.
  2. Perform ablution then find a place where you can perform it peacefully.
  3. Then, spread a jaanamaz in the direction of Qibla.
  4. Now, start reciting surah al Fatiha three times.
  5. Then read durood Shareef eleven times.
  6. Now, read the dua that we have mentioned.
  7. Then, read duroodShareefeleven times again.
  8. After that, recite surah al Fatiha three times.
  9. Lastly, make dua to Allah asking for protection against your enemies.

Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy

Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy, Before you begin with the whole procedure, you need to qualify some criteria.

Go through the list of things carefully and figure out your eligibility:

  1. You must have genuine reasons for an act of revenge.
  2. If you want to take revenge, first of all, you must try to sort things out by yourself.
  3. But if it didn’t work out. You have got no choice left.

Here Is The Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy:

Allah humma ‘An’ta ‘adhuddee, waa

‘An’tanaseeree, bi’ka ‘aj’oo’lu,

wabi’ka ‘as’oo’lu, wabi’ka ‘u’qaatilu’.

O the almighty Allah, You are my strength, and you are my support. For Your sake, I go forth, and for your purpose, I advance, and for your sake, I fight.

Steps To Perform The Dua To Take Revenge From Enemy

We have mentioned the following steps that you need to perform sincerely:

  1. Wake up early in the morning and pray the namaz of fajr.
  2. You must perform ablution before starting it.
  3. Then, recite surah Yasin.
  4. After that, you need to recite yawadudu for a thousand times.
  5. Then, do the recitation of durood e Ebrahimi for three times.
  6. Lastly, make dua to the almighty Allah and ask for making your enemies learn a lesson.

You need to perform the whole procedure without missing out any of the steps. Do it regularly. You must repeat dua to take revenge from the enemy twenty-one days.

If you have got issues or got no positive result, you must consult an Islamic astrologer.

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