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Dua For Evil Eye Protection
Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

Dua For Evil Eye Protection or for evil eye protection for babies can be use to protect family from evil eye. Our dua to save from evil eye will provide you full protection from evil eye.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection
Dua For Evil Eye Protection

The evil eye is real and can overtake the divine decree (Al-Qadr). As such, you should guard yourself and your family with dua for evil eye protection.

Thus, the following Quranic and Sunnah duas will be helpful;

  • Praise goodness in others to ward off the evil eye. Hence, appreciate a person or even your good deed through glorification of Allah. As a result, you are seeking His blessings on yourself and the admired person.
  • You can read two surahs of Falaqand Nas along with SuratulIlkhas (Quran 112) as they offer the best protection from the evil eye. Recite them thrice every morning, as you wake up and evening.
  • Again, you should remember Allah as much as you can. Praise Him throughout the day, especially before going to sleep. Hence, you should do Dhikr and use rukyah (Bukhari, 5297) to safeguard yourself from the evil eye. Also, take a bath to cure evil eye effect. Finally, adhere to His commandments, rulings, and prohibitions given in the Quran.
  • You can also use Ibhraheem’s prayer to protect your children from the evil eye. Irrespective of their age, you should do this just like the Prophet and the Muhammad.
  • Moreover, you can read dua of Jibrilmore as healing from evil eye than protection. It is a powerful weapon to remove the evil eye affliction. You can consult a local Imam for further assistance.

Therefore, you should faithfully try dua for evil eye protection for a happy and peaceful life.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection For Babies

Dua For Evil Eye Protection For Babies, The evil eye can afflict your children in different ways. Hence, you can make duas for evil eye protection for babies to remove devil’s influences.

As such, consider these duas;

  • Besides your daily prayers, read specific Quranicsurahs, and make appropriate supplications to Allah. However, be patient and have full conviction in His powers. He will remove every obstacle from your life if you are faithful and religious.
  • Take two sizeable olive oil bottles, two big honey jars, kalonji powder and 30 big bottles of water. Now, recite the Surahsof Darood, Fatihaand Burooj, along with ayat-al-kurasi for 21 times. Besides, read Surah Baqarahonly once. After reciting each Surah, blow into the water from each bottle. Rub this every day after your bath with the oil. After Farajnamaz, drink a mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey, kalonji powder, and water. Finally, recite it seven times daily between Magribh and Asr
  • Since toilet attracts jinns, your children can often fall sick and become weak. Hence, teach them toilet etiquettes from an early age. Stick suitable duas on the walls so that they can read them. Gradually, they will seek Allah’s protection on their own. Moreover, they will memorize them quickly.
  • Furthermore, keep the children indoors, 30 minutes before the start of Maghrib prayers and 1 hour after it begins. It is the time when the devil is out.

Thus, you should try dua for evil eye protection for babies.

Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye

Dua To Protect Family From Evil Eye, The evil eye is real and can overcome divine decree. It causes great harm to you and your family. As such, you can benefit from dua to protect family from evil eye.

In this regard, try these duas;

  • Read Surah Ilkhas, Surah Falaqand Surah Nas thrice in the morning and the evening. After reciting into your hands, wipe them over your children before they go to sleep. Hence, they suffice every aspect of your life.
  • Also, read Al-Bukhari (4:119) as protection for your family. Read it in the morning and the evening. However, you should compulsorily make this dua before leaving the house.
  • Again, read ayat-al-kursi, the 255th verse from Surah-Al-Baqarah. It is one famous and popular dua against the devil. Moreover, it protects against black magic, possession, and jinns. It is fundamental in keeping Satan away from the house. Read them over your children or a family member at night.
  • The toilet is an area of filth. It attracts germs and hence, people often fall ill. Therefore, teach your children toilet etiquettes from an early age. Besides, fill your daily routine with short duas. Encourage them to memorize and use the verses on their own.
  • Praise others for their goodness. It indirectly thanks, Allah. Thus, it earns His protection for you. Moreover, have conviction in His powers to turn your situation. Hence, adhere to His commandments and prohibitions religiously.

Thus, you cannot neglect dua to protect the family from the evil eye.

Dua To Save From Evil Eye

Dua to save from evil eye is one powerful shield against evil eye affliction. It taps in Allah’s blessings to overcome the harmful evil.

Accordingly, learn these duas;

  • To save yourself from the envious eye, start praising the goodness of others. Also, seek Allah’s blessings for them. As you are thanking and glorifying Allah in the process, you earn great rewards for yourself. Moreover, praise Him throughout the day for his daily blessings.
  • Again, daily do your everyday 5-times prayers, in the morning and the night. Also, read Quran at a definite time. Remember to follow His path and do good to others. Allah will judge your intentions and bless you accordingly.
  • You can read Ibrahim’s prayer, especially for your children. After reciting, blow over them before they go to sleep. Even if they are old enough, you should do it for them every day.
  • According to the prophet, read Surah Ilkhas, Surah Falaqand Surah Nas thrice in the morning and in the evening. Also, read them before leaving the house. Besides, read Surah-al-Fatiha and ayat-al-kursi.
  • Jibril’sdua is healing against evil eye. It removes the side effects of the devil’s tribulations.It is handy in treating evil eye afflictions.
  • If you can identify the person who has cast an evil eye on you, ask him to perform wudu. Now, pour the water on yourself to get rid of the evil.

Therefore, you should know the dua to save from the evil eye.

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