Quranic Dua To Make Someone Agree

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Quranic Dua To Make Someone Agree

Quranic Dua To Make Someone Agree or to make someone agree for marriage can be use to make someone agree to what you say. We will provide you dua for someone to agree with you to make someone agree.

In India, marriage has become a sacred ritual that not only brings two souls together for eternity but also the families. Marriage holds a very pure and respectable place in their eyes. However, due to the generation gap between parents and youngsters, they perceive the word marriage differently.

Some families are open-minded, whereas some families believe in old traditions, culture, and rituals. The problem arises when people want to marry the person of their choice but their parents are against it. If you are going through a similar situation, then try to convince them.

Quranic Dua To Make Someone Agree
Quranic Dua To Make Someone Agree

Communication is the key, so try to talk about your views about marriage to them. In many parts of India, some people are still against love marriage. They don’t like the idea of love marriage and choose the traditional method of arrange marriage. Some people meet the love of their life after getting arrange marriage.

But what about those who believe in the magic of love? Their parents oppose the idea of love marriage and it becomes impossible to convince then. If you have tried all the ways and it still doesn’t work, then do not worry love birds.

We have a solution for you to convince not only your parents but anyone without hurting their sentiments. If you belong from a conservative Muslim family, then you can take the help of Quranic dua to make someone agree to love marriage. Dua is one of the most powerful instruments. Plus, there is nothing that dua cannot cure.

Dua To Make Someone Agree For Marriage

Dua To Make Someone Agree For Marriage, If you want to marry the person you love, then we have the right solution for you. You can make dua to make someone agree for marriage and live a blissful life. This Islamic dua is mostly used to solve any issues, which are causing problems in your life.

Moreover, the Wazifa turns your complex and hard questions into easy ones and fulfills your wishes. Make sure to begin this wazifa from the first Thursday of any Lunar month. After completing all the night prayers, perform the wazifa in the night.

Take a bath or clean yourself before performing this wazifa. If you are already clean, then there is no need to make a fresh ablution. Now, recite Durood Shareef for eleven times. After that recite ‘HaaMeem ‘Aiyn Seen Qaaf’ for 278 times.

Lastly, again recite the Durood Shareef for eleven times. Next, imagine the girl or a boy you want to convince for the marriage and perform this wazifa for one time. Call Al hub ‘ladke/ladkikanam’ bin/binte ‘Ma kanam’ ‘Alaa hub ‘ladke/ladkikanam’ bin/binte ‘Ma kanam’ and the girl or boy you are in love with will agree for the marriage.

However, you will get success in your purpose only if you recite the dua carefully and without any wrong motive. Perform this wazifa once in a while or when you don’t see any good results. If you don’t see the results, make sure to perform this wazifa on the next night of the first Thursday of Hijri month.

Dua To Make Someone Agree To What You Say

Dua To Make Someone Agree To What You Say, Do you want to change somebody’s decision? Do you want somebody to agree to anything that you say? Are your family and friends not listening to you? Do you want your boss to agree with you? Does your husband never listen to your opinion?

If you have been trapped in a similar situation, then we are here to answer all your questions. You can recite dua to make someone agree to what you say. This dua is useful for your daily life problem.

You can make your boss agree to your new assignment, convince your friends to go on a trip, convince your parents to marry you at your own choice, or make your husband listen to you. If you have committed any mistake and want to sort out the problem, then this wazifa will work for you.

Perform your ablution and clean yourself. Recite “YaaManeu” daily in the morning and evening to see the results. Recite this dua for twenty-one times and blow on the person’s back. You can also perform this second dua to make someone obey your instructions. Plus, this dua is one of the most powerful dua to fulfill your desires. Your family and friends will trust you and respect you.

Moreover, your husband or your lover will agree to all your commands and choices. Recite the Quran-e-Kareem Surah Faatir chapter 35 Makkah. This dua “innALLAHAyusmiu’ manyashaoo” and make anyone decide on your orders. After reciting this dua, blow it on the person whom you want to obey you.

Dua For Someone To Agree With You

Dua For Someone To Agree With You, Nowadays, there are various opportunities to prove yourself to the world. However, some people face multiple problems while climbing the ladder to success.

If you want to influence people and have a successful career, then you are in the right area where we will provide you some useful dua to change someone’s mind and make them obey you. There are specific prayers that can help you to live peacefully.

You can also solve your life problems and family problems by making someone listen to you. If you are confused about which Dua to recite, then contact Molvi Saheb near you and get instant solutions. Your dreams can be fulfilled by practicing dua daily. If you want your dreams to turn into reality, the recitation should be correct.

Moreover, you can control whoever you want by performing the dua precisely the right way that has been advised to you. Most people seek help from wazifa is for financial, marriage, family, career, as well as love related problems. You can make dua for someone to agree with you or come out of any problem.

Dua is the only solution that can help you to fix the mundane issues in your life. If you practice the dua correctly and at the right time, then your prayers will be heard for sure. However, the dua should be exercised with accuracy and without any malign intentions.  The dua will be beneficial, and the world will follow your lead and orders if you recite it daily.

FAQ About Quranic Dua To Make Someone Agree

Which Prayer To Read For Happy Marriage In Islam?

A happy marriage is a prolonged marriage. And, if there are love and happiness. Then indeed, couples can face any trouble. So, once they are together, every couple should aim for happiness and peace. Marriage is simple yet sophisticated. Therefore, if you want true happiness, then work on it. Mend your ties daily. And, most importantly, make it stronger bit by bit. Thus, it is a work in progress. Also, that work has to be mutual. You need to work for it — both of you. Moreover, go slowly. Your relation will start to build over the years. That understanding will not come in a day. Thus, give yourself and your marriage a little time. As a result, do a little hard work and make your efforts count. Do not rush with everything. At the same time, a little space is needed. There should be that liberty where you too are able to breathe. These are the things that no one tells us. That is how it is. Because when things go wrong, we try to blame others. And, we start blaming Allah too for not listening to us. Therefore, keep the precaution. Do not overdo your love. The procedure of the dua: Well, in Islam, there is one easy guidance. In every Namaz and every prayer, ask for what you want. And, Inshallah Allah will grant you your wish. Besides, make your relation good with Allah. • Make this dua after the Fajar namaz. • The dua is as follows: • Allahummajal-min azwajina wa dhurriyatina qurrata a-ayunin waj-alnaa lilmuttaqeena imaamaa. • You can make it a routine. And, inshallah Allah will reward you. And, he will fill your marriage with happiness. Inshallah.

How To Live Happy Married Life In Islam?

The answer is simple. Follow the Islamic ways in whatever you do. Islam is not as staunch as it is portrayed. It is effortless if one wants to understand. Only a little time is needed. Moreover, marriage is all about equality in Islam. Both Husband and wife are equal. Therefore, both have to be equally respected and guarded. Islam has some guidelines for the respective conduct. So, have a look at them. But most important is only one thing, and that is care. When you two start to have each other’s back. Then believe me, half of the battle is one. Learn those small things about each other. And give regard to each other’s needs and happiness. But, there is one thing that will get your marriage going. And that thing is respect. When it is not there then even love isn’t work. So, ask this question to yourself. Is there respect? Do you treat him or her well? And you will get the answer. So, make your spouse your priority. Love is created, so make sure you are doing that. Communicate and let the others speak too. And, when there is a problem sort it out. Inshallah Allah will help you. He will make it a smooth journey. May you stay blessed always. And, do put in all these efforts. Love demands to be felt. Therefore, time and again show it to your partner. Inshallah, all will stay good.

Dua For Parents To Accept Love Marriage

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