Dua To Get Lost Job Back

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Dua To Get Lost Job Back

Dua To Get Lost Job Back or for not losing your job can be use to get a job after interview. You can also use our dua for dream job success for sure result.

We all always dreaming about a job in our life. We, humans, want to earn money to fulfill our desires. It is not easy to have a job. Nowadays the competition is increasing rapidly. Most of the place where you want to make an appointment ask for money or reference

Now people like us who neither have the money nor have reference thought why we couldn’t get our dream job or a regular job. Not only a dream job, but it is also challenging to get a proper job as well. Many employees who are working does not even deserve that job as they come by reference or money.

Dua To Get Lost Job Back
Dua To Get Lost Job Back

These types of people take the chance from the deserving ones, who have the ability and skills to perform work. But their chances got snatch by others. The competition is increasing so rapidly that people. They have jobs also get snatch by those who either have money or reference.

Do your job ever get snatch by such people, or you get terminated from your workplace without any reason. When we lost our job, we also lost our hopes and wished too. One can survive without a job but can’t survive without hope, and faith Employees.

Who have lost their job and become unemployed do possess a beautiful family, to whom they have to feed. But what would the circumstances when he or she lost his or her job and the source of income. They must face hard times in their life, including their family too. Dua To Get Lost Job Back here

Dua For Not Losing Your Job

Our Dua For Not Losing Your Job, Many employees do possess a job, which is either their dream job or a job to earn money and run a family. In today’s modest world, time is changing. Anyone can harm you, with their pathetic tricks.

You must notice, at your workplace there must meet a high competition level, to compete the colleagues to beat them by their work.

To get a promotion or increment in the salary, many of your colleagues might use some cruel tricks. Such as spread fake and lame rumours about you, to steal your work to take all the credit, to trap you in their fake webs, by blaming you in front of your whole staff.

You must work hard to save your job from such creepy persons. You try hard to put all your efforts not to get terminated from your post. But sometimes, when your fortune is not with you. You lost it. You lost your job and got terminated from it, even after plenty of attempts and efforts.

  • How to save a job?

Well, out there have plenty of ways to save your job. First, try-hard, work hard, put all your efforts and skills, give your best result and work so no one can terminate you from your jobCreate the right image between the office staff and seniors so that they may believe you at the time of your need.

Recite dua to save your job, given below:


Dua To Get A Job After Interview

Dua To Get A Job After Interview, We all expect to get a job after finishing our interview with HR. We want to get selected in all rounds of discussion, get a job, get an excellent package to earn money. The meeting is not the easy thing, to crack or to pass. Many people think it’s straightforward to break a conversation until they appear for it.

You might think it is easy, but in actual it can crack you from inside if you do not feel able to break it. We wait for a long time, to get select in a particular job interview, we wait and hope from long. Our anxiety is at 7th sky.

Most of the people are not able to eat, to drink or to chitchat or do another thing while appearing for the job interview. Some people lost their hope if they do not get a job because they lost the confidence of earning money to feed their family.

  • How to get a job

Is there any way to get a job? Some people do not get a job after many attempts, so they need to find an alternative solution for it.

In Islam, Dua, Wazifa or Namaz has mentioned in the holy book Quran. Recite that dua and get job

Allah UmaInniAasAlookaRizqaan

Tayyibaan Waa IlmaanNaafian

Waa AmalaanMutaqa Balan

Dua For Dream Job Success

Dua For Dream Job Success, It is tough to get a job in today’s world as most of the people give reference or money to the interviewer; those people only get jobs, not people like us can understand. Dream job- People have various types of dream jobs, such as to become a doctor, pilot, engineer, scientist, chef, teacher, air hostess, nurse, etc.

But these dreams not always become a dream come true. Sometimes they remain left as unfulfilled, which gives pain to those who have much bigger goals in their eyes. Human beings flow from one city to some others in search of a job. Or some move to another town or countries to get their dream job

They lost their hope when they could not be able to achieve their dream job; they lost faith. It feels like to them that everything has come to an end. Everything finished.

  • How to get a dream job

It is not easy for once to get his or her dream job. This is known as one of the most challenging tasks to achieve once a dream, goal, target. In Islam, there has some solution for this problem. Some dua, Wazifa has mentioned in holy book Qur’an.


Recite this dua to get your dream job with any problems or hassles. This dua may help you to fulfill all your dreams, especially your dream job.

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

RabannaAtina Fid-Dunya Hasan Aten Waa Fil Akhirati Hasan AtanWaaqinaAdhabanNaar

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